Doubting myself

I’m really doubting myself today. I started my last class for my Master’s a couple days ago. It’s tougher than I expected. The toughest part is that I took spring and summer off. It’s hard to get in the groove. I think having breakthrough symptoms. I’ll just keep pushing and get er done.


never doubt yourself. just give it what u can.

Doing a masters ?! That’s incredibly impressive. I hope you get through it.


Thanks guys and gals! I’m going to give it my all. Right now I’m waiting on the professor to get back to me on retaking the syllabus quiz. I got 24/25 the first attempt. Then I took the second got 23/25. It was only after the fact I realized after the first quiz it gave all the answers and that you only have two attempts. Also you have to get 25/25. So I’m in limbo waiting on the professor to reopen it.

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I’ve heard it is that way with jobs, also. If you’ve not been working for a while it is hard to get back into the routine. I wish you the best. You’re a credit to our group.

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