Don't need anyone

People screw you over or screw you up
I really don’t need anyone i keep myself to myself
Sure im married and we love each other but im on my own mostly
My Family suck who needs them?
I just do my own thing, play music, smoke etc


It´s sad but we need others. At some point of our lifes at least. Even if we agree on “people screw you over or screw you up”

Feels like everyone is out to get me i trust no-one

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I would add even everyone does it at some point. And we are stupid enough to forgive them over and over again

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Never forgive not good for the soul betrays your better judgement

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True. I prefer to be haughty as ■■■■. But sometimes I forgive too much minor ■■■■.

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I wont forgive
I wont be a push over
Only way to have self respect

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Im polite and kind

But 8m too nice and everyone takes advantage usually over the years so 8m not going to be so easy to allow this



Aww velociraptor whoosh you melt my heart a little :tiger:


You’re my cult movie brother.

:relieved: :hugs:


I needed someone to get me a drink of water. As an adult in psychosis, that need reappeared, and I was helpless to know it. Much later, my provider bought me a bottle of water. She fulfilled a need I had had for 60 years. A helping hand. True, by then I could get my own drink of water but something in me was stupid to that ability. I have lived with this woman for 18 years and sometimes I still need her like a babe. She is the best person that ever happened to me.


I feel like everyone hates me.

Im sure they don’t @cdwithdcs

There was a time in my thirties i was desperate for friends and i made friends with the wrong type and got taken advantage of all the time.
I guess when you get hurt like that hard to trust
I wouldn’t be so desperate again
Im ok without for now

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I did the same in my teens, then again in my 20’s.

It’s been a decade of just seeing my close-family members and I am ok with that.

People are very complicated, they can be manipulative and certainly there is a prevailing ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude I have found from certain types of people

My strategy is to just keep out of it

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