Don't let them tell you that it is the small things in life that are great

It’s the tiny things.

I came home from work today and drank some 7-Up and then went out to the courtyard to get my mail
from “mail call”. The ownership gets the clients mail themselves and then has a resident dole it out to every client that lives here at 4:30 pm weekdays. Anyways I got back to my room and wrote a letter to my step-mom.

It had receipts for textbooks that I bought for my class and she is going to reimburse me. She does that sometimes. So I wrote the letter and put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it which, incidentally, I always buy my postage stamps online and have a couple of books of 20 stamps apiece. The post office charges a dollar to mail them directly to me. Saves me trips to the post office. So i put a stamp on the letter and then looked for an address label in my drawer next to the stamps.

I was positive there was a bunch of address labels with my name an address in the drawer . I have a million of them from donating to various causes and charities and if you donate they will send you pads of paper or sheets of address labels as a thank you. I couldn’t find any and I was stressed to the maximum from an commute from work and I get even more stressed not finding those labels.

But then I remembered that I got some in the mail just today and I wernt to my drawer and got a label. I was ecstatic, lol. It made me so happy. It made my day.

Oh yeah, the soldiers at work gave me a donut-hole today. There was a dough-nut box on a table and I asked if I could have one. The soldiers said sure but there were only 4 doughnut-holes left in the box so I took one. Its the tiny things in life that I live for.


I love to eat the whole doughnut hole, tasty things made of nothing.
Stupid English lives…