Little Things

I’ve been in the new place about three weeks. There are a number of people here that I remember from when I stayed a few years ago. One guy, it seemed, was taking some time warming up to me. We were never the best of friends but we were friendly. This time around he was a bit standoffish.

Tonight, around 12:30am I was out of smokes. There are no stores close by to buy any at this hour and I’m broke anyway for another two days. I went out for some air and he asked if I needed a smoke. I borrowed one off him and we chatted a little about the football game tonight.

I went upstairs to my apartment and a few minutes later heard a knock at my door. This guy was there and handed me a pack of smokes and said “Merry Christmas”. Now that might not sound like much, but around here, near the end of the month and with the holiday, a pack of smokes is pretty significant. More than the smokes though, I was surprised and glad that he’s starting to warm up to me again.

The longer I’m here the more I feel like it was a good decision. I’m breaking a lot of the bad habits I had developed while living on my own and I’m moving in a positive and productive direction.

Now I just need to get my butt in gear with my programming again and all will be well.


Good to hear about neighbourhood love. But Malvok, you said that you changed your bad habit, then what about smoking?? :confused:

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That’s next to go.


The little things in life, sometimes make the biggest positve impact

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Glad you are doing well–and made a good move for yourself. Merry Christmas! :sunny: **

awww, dude, that was a great story. Merry Christmas !!