Don't know what to think anymore

Since freshman year I had a psychotic break and was brought into the hospital after running across my city telling people I was god and then I was put on a bunch of medications and they’ve been tweaked and changed over the years and now I’m off meds due to my psychiatrist and therapist terminating treatment due to the facility they work at closing down so now I’m off meds and don’t know how to get back into treatment, plus I live in the middle of nowhere with little resources. I have been diagnosed with ASD (Autsim Spectrum Disorder) since 2010 but when I was in the hospital the psych there thought I had Schizotypal traits or just psychotic traits in general but said I could never have I fully cuz i was somewhat aware that I was psychotic, so yea idk what to do i guess I feel lost I just want to know what is wrong with me sick of getting diagnosis after diagnosis thrown at me and nobody wanting help me after they throw a new on me help I guess im not really sure why im posting this but I need help I want to know atleast a direction of what is wrong I can’t tell

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Can you get a better psychiatrist that you can meet with via Zoom?

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I could try ofc is there like a site I can find psychs that do telehelath ?

If you have insurance perhaps you can go its website and find a list of providers who accept your insurance. You can go to their websites where they might disclose whether they do telehealth.
If you don’t have insurance look for a career organization for psychiatrists (like American Psychiatry Association) in your area and see if they list psychiatrists’ contact info or website.


You need to figure this out really quickly you could get very ill

if you have pshycosis then you may end up in jail. or dead. i know i have being close to both. if you have pshycosis you need meds. once under pshycosis i was beaten uncounciouss. pshycosis aint nothing to play with. get help.

You need to be diagnosed and treated by a psychiatrist. If you have insurance, they can help you find ones that are in network. They should be able to help

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