Don't forget

To tell people you love them. I tell my kids probably 5 times a day. I tell my other family members at least one day a week. My parents are aging and I know their days are numbered. I don’t want to ever be in conflict with them. They are wonderful people.


I don’t tell my brothers or my grandpa that I love them. It just feels so awkward coming out of my mouth. I dunno why. I tell my mom that I love her all of the time though.

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I tell the dogs and my boyfriend several times a day that I love them.

I don’t tell other loved ones often because they live far awAy and we do not have contact that often.

I spoke to one of my brothers yesterday and we told each other we love each other which I appreciate because we only recently got in touch and we only have contact a couple of tomes a year since we got back in touch.

I used to isolate from my family.
Now I want to live closer n have better contact but they are very busy.

I don’t really have contact with my other brothers despite wanting too.
They are busy.

Some people don’t like being told they are loved so often.

My boyfriend seems to get annoyed sometimes saying “you told me that already “…

We are not so romantic n are pretty platonic having sex only once every four months or so…
We are nice to each other and take care of each other though.
It’s like a friendship in a way n I don’t know what will happen because he should not try to make decisions for me that’s my job but he threatens to break up with me if I go vegan and I want to go vegan .

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Yes! Very important to live and love! Good advice!

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Yes you’re right. It is important to tell your loved ones how you feel. I tell my pets i love them quite frequently, but i do feel i need to tell my partner i love him a bit more. Not that i don’t tell him, just that i don’t feel i tell him enough.

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