Do you feel loved?

I wanna know.

I asked my grandma and she didnt really give a straight yes or no.

But its a simple yes or no…

So yes…

Or no.

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Love is two ways. I love and am loved by my family.


But the question is do you FEEL loved?

I don’t.

Its like theres no one there even when people are hugging or soothing me.


I dont feel anyone could love me, so no


I love you.


Well thats how I would like to feel every day.


Yes! I feel loved as a 38 year old. In my teens I felt hated and I hated everyone else.

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That is very kind. I love you too


I do feel loved but not romantic love. Idk which you are talking about.



Romantic is just a bonus for some.

But I mean feeling loved/supported/safe/seen/heard.

All the stuff you get as a kid.

If you’re lucky anyway.


Is that like regular toilet paper or that triple quilted stuff?


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Triple quilted.

Super soft.

Not the gas station bathroom stuff.

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Thanks for clarifying. You are going to get some precise answers now.

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Are you feeling depressed?

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Insomnia driving me to the edge atm

My eyes are peeled and ive got no feeling.

Only tension all over and body feels like a ton of bricks.

Depression would be welcome.

Some days i can feel loved and i can manage but then the next day … My mind is scattered and im trying not to lose it.


Did you talk with your Dr about it?

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I cant afford one and my therapist at the free clinic is on leave last i tried to talk to her.

She prescrived something that only made my body feel like a ton of bricks. But it didnt help sleep.

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Yes. By my husband and mom and biological daughter

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I have no contact with anyone in person. No, I do not feel loved.

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Feelings come and go. Just like being happy or sad.

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