I think I have a boyfriend

My x boyfriend and I broke up around March last year because I wanted to go vegan and for my sacred neigh to have a better life.

Now months later I think I have a new boyfriend.

We met about a week ago and fell quickly for each other.

I could not stop kissing him thesecond date.
Third date not as hungrily and then I got herpes.

I had to tell him about herpes and hpv and yesterday I told him about schizophrenia.

I have been so worried he will break up with me but so far so good.

I reckon I would marry this guy.

Just what I was wanting.

We met on plenty of fish and it turns out we are neighbors.

I think he called me a bimbo but strangely I was not angry butjust laughed.:open_mouth:

He has a dog and has already given me the keys to his home .

Turns out we are neighbors.

We live on the same street.

I was looking for someone nearby.

He has not told his adult sons about me and I need their approval.

I’m still worried he will break up with me but so far so good.

He is a catholic and accepts my past and that I’m a vegan.

I will always love my x boyfriend and appreciate the time we had together but I reckon I got myself a new man.

Sucks having to tell your new partner/date about all your illnesses and schizophrenia.

I gave him a booklet about schizophrenia so maybe he will read it today.



He is a crazy driver though.

Bad road rage.

Dangerous driving but I wasn’t afraid strangely enough.:open_mouth:

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I hope it works out for you. Things are moving really fast! I had an instant connection with my husband, so maybe it’s like that for you


That shows he has a temper. I’d say proceed with caution.


Are you sure he’s okay with you being vegan? Like I dunno that’s kind of major.

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So far he has accepted me as I am .

I am so happy for you. I hope you two are very happy together.


Sounds great. We all have baggage when you get to a certain age and accepting that we all have lived some is a good thing. Enjoy your new relationship and may it continue to go well.


Fingers crossed it works out. Sounds like you have been lucky to find someone so close to you

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well I am happy for you ! send him to anger management though, for real…road rage is a sign that he could get violent one day.


Hi, I just wanted to tell you I’ve done some reading up on hpv. After a year or more after contacting it can kinda go away. At least that’s what they were finding in about 90 percent of cases as long as your immune system is not compromised. Meaning you will no longer break out with them, no longer be contagious and no longer test positive for them. This is of course after a long time has passed after exposure. The virus will always be with you. But it may remain dormant in your body. So you might not spread hpv to your new partner.

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Scary stuff. Sex education is important. Always use condoms. Avoid kissing or other direct contact. But sometimes you can’t help yourself. :man_shrugging:


The men I’ve known don’t wanna wear condoms.


I don’t mind myself. I’m uncircumcised excuse the language. If you’re willinging to shop around you can find condoms which feel like wearing nothing at all.


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@anon12381882, if your partner doesn’t want to wear a condom, run! Imagine how many others he’s been with without a condom. You’re not just having sex with him you’re having sex with all his partners.


I replied to your post before reading the comment about road rage. That’s a big red flag for future abuse. Be very careful and pay attention. Notice how he behaves if an order is wrong in a restaurant or other store, notice how he is around crying babies or unruly children, notice how he reacts if you say no to something… just make sure you’re safe.


Spell Check. :weary: I’ve got it sorted guys. I’m using chrome now!

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Yeah pianogal I can see that if your gonna have casual sex which is not my thing. If your involved with someone for a long time I dont think your gonna wanna do that. Even if you do wear condoms the more you have sex with them the more likely you can spread it anyway even with a condom.

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@SacredNeigh7, I’d watch out if I were you. Bad road rage indicates he has a temper. He could use it on you.

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If you have kids by your husband. I would think that’s not what went on. I apologize if I’m assuming wrong.

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