Doing anything to passn the day

I am in pain too day, and I am work on my son’s car, after driving him to work a 4am this morning, the heat is 102 as the day rolls on , why the pain, well my hips are bad. even pain pills don’t help. taking in a talk on foot pain too night. not that its not need. but its free. talk to you later. Zen


Sorry you are in pain hope your feet feel better

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I know people who get saw feet and it can be agonising for them.

I offer foot massage but they do not want that daily it seems.

Hope you will get some tender loving care and feel better in your feet and hip.

Nice if you yo work on his car despite you are in pain.

Yoga could maybe help your hip and feet?
Gentle stretches and stimulation.

Does your dr know?

Sore feet?

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:I’m bad!!!

Darn my spelling.

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