Dogs Don't Like Me

I don’t mind dogs, but they don’t like me. Do you think they can tell there’s something wrong with me? Do you ever think that animals can ‘sense’ the parts of ourselves we try to keep hidden from other people?


There could be a lot of reasons for that. For example if you don’t read dog body language well and get up in a dog’s personal space that doesn’t like it, or if you expect dogs not to like you thus get fearful around them which any animal can sense, or if you just happened to know people with picky or not too social dogs lol.

I know as an animal myself (since people are animals) I can tell very quickly if someone doesn’t like me or is otherwise acting strangely around me and it can make me raise my guard or become self-conscious.

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Dogs sense fear.


No, not at all smokes. You might be inadvertently sending out vibes that you think they will sense something wrong with you and they’re picking up on that.

I bet dogs would love you.

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I think some people release pheromones that dogs just hate. In Thailand there are lots of stray dogs. One guy I met said wherever he met the stray dogs just went crazy when he went past.


They may bark by instinct or re enforced behavior. May be nothing to do with you and/sz.

example: a dog who always barks near a fence at passing strangers.

A dog in this situation might bark at someone he knows and likes well, if he is standing at the fence. (because that is what he does all the rest of the time in that spot)

He would probably even bark at his owner, but in a different tone.Owers who know their dog can often tell if the dog is barking to someone (friendly tone) or at someone (aggressive, protecting tone).

Most animals also sense when a person is uncomfortable. If we feel uncomfortable in an area the dog lives in then most will bark.

I dont think anamals can comprehend MI at all. They do understand nervousness and aggression and friendliness.

Though they may not have full comprehension of physical illness or injury , many will know something is wrong with a certain pack member.

They may stay near that pack member to protect it. Others may bring it food. (Some can comprehend someone else feels so bad physically that he can not meet his own basic needs).

Humans are also pack animals.


The things you’re saying make sense logically, but for some reason they’re just not sticking in my brain. Oh well :slight_smile: I’ll just have to re-read these later. Thanks guys :heart:

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