My dog can sense things

My dog knows.

I feel it can sense when something bad is going to happen.

Its like its reading my mind and taking me for a joke.

There is one big plan and my dog knows it.

I cant walk past my dog anymore

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mate. You sound troubled and symptomatic.

Can you give your doctor a ring? Please. Ring your doc and get some help. You are struggling big time and you need some help…you really do!

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Please don’t mistreat or hurt your dog…you sound delusional…check in and tell your pdoc what you are believing…I was mistreating my besenji when I was ill . you will always regret whatever you do to your dog…please seek help !!

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I used to have a fear that my dogs were plotting to eat me. I’m just letting you know.
Dogs don’t plot things.

I know you’re worried but I guarantee you. Your dog doesn’t have any ill intent toward you.

It’ s funny how you think your dog is plotting against you. I always thought my cat was plotting to get me, and how he wanted my dog to choose sides.

I’ve thought the same thing before. It’s probably a delusion but it’s hard to figure out what’s fake and what’s real sometimes.

Dogs are sensitive but they’re not magic. I hear they can smell out heart disease or cancer in a person or something or they can tell when someones about to have a heart attack, but as for reading minds and taking people for jokes, I think you’re giving him too much credit. I don’t think they do that.


Ive read about dogs can sense when a earthquake is gonna happen, but dont think too much about it

That theory has been posed since ancient times. And it’s not just dogs but also small animals, reptiles and insects. They still study it today but it has not been proven as a fact.

Get help right away @anon20318121!
Your having delusional thinking about your dog!
Please don’t hurt him!

Call your psychiatrist immediately!

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