Are animals afraid of you?

Every time I go up to an animal, any animal, they’re just like… nope… and they don’t want anything to do with me. When they get to know me they start to relax more but except grey baby they always seem to want to hang out with someone else.

My friend L’s theory is they can sense my mental instability and that puts them on alert.

So do animals avoid you, are they indifferent, or do they love you at first sight?

In other words why won’t they love me back?

Animals usually like me. Cesar says dogs can sense peoples energy.

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My friends cats and dogs seem to leave me alone. They don’t bark or hiss or anything… they seem to check me out and go on their way.

Birds and ducks and squirrels in the parks just want food. I’m popular with animals when I have a lunch pail.

I tend to hit it off with animals pretty well. Mostly cats, but I have befriended a raccoon, several bunnies, a few birds, a bat, a herd of deer. I had delusions about being able to communicate with animals based on those experiences.

They don’t bark or hiss at me, they either only let me pet them for a couple of seconds (like how you hug that one person you don’t know at a party because you’ve hugged everyone else so now you feel like it would be impolite to not hug them), or they just look at me.

Maybe if I always carried bacon with me…

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:laughing: I have a younger brother who would hug you a lot if you had bacon in your pocket… he loves his bacon.

I remember he got a crush on a girl because she smelled like cookies…


That’s one of the better reasons I’ve heard for having a crush on someone.

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Animals like me more than what’s normal, I think it’s because I’m quite calm most of the time and don’t make sudden movements. Cats are especially fond of me for some reason.

:grin: that is awesome

Not for the first time, you seem like my favorite ex-boyfriend. How are you with goats? Have you ever played in a pirate band?

I hate cats.


Dogs love me, because of the way I treat them.

Animals are not afraid of me, I get along with them just fine :smile:

I love goats but sadly haven’t seen one since I was a kid. Also, no pirate. (Yarr!)

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As soon as I sit down I seem to have every animal around wanting to be petted.
I have to push them off to get anything done.

Animals want to feel secure, their needs met, disciplined even (knowing they can’t do anything they want when they want), and most importantly, they want you to give them attention when they need it too, not just when you feel like it.
Not to different from small children really…

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Im apparently “prey” potential. When I was in a zoo on holiday recently, a lion stared directly into my eyes, and then tried to get through the glass wall. Then on another holiday a scarecrow was attacking my head. Flying repeatedly just above my head. I always saw myself as a victim. I count this as proof, since even animals single me out :smile:

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my greyhound bit me on the nose 3weeks ago, i got a 2 inch scar now, also my mums pet dog bit me on the hand i have tooth mark scars from that one

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