Dog suggestions?

Intelligence: Jack Russel

Low energy: Basset Hound

But yeah my sister has a Mastiff he is the sweetest dog ever. Shiztus are not my favorite.

I got a beagle from the pound as a puppy - Christmas present when I was a kid… When summer came he developed an awful smell + coat of oil. I wouldn’t go near him.

Shock collars don’t actually give a painful shock, it’s sort of just startling like a static shock, we had one on my dog once to try to get her to stop barking so much (Didn’t work). For a lot of people electric fences work great. For some people their dog doesn’t care and it doesn’t work. You won’t know until you try!

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Oh also we’re going to see a havanese puppy this Saturday and everyone in my family is excited about her except my dad because havanese are a stereotypical lapdog dog and he was grumpy because he doesn’t want a dog that “looks like a mop” or a throw pillow. But they are so playful and sweet and really a much better match for our family than a working dog that will need more exercise and stimulation/training than we can give. He can get over his macho man-ness :slight_smile:

I would recommend rescue one. That’s the best thing you could do. My family who have dogs have rescued them. I went once with my mum to pick one and you get to walk with them and interact with them to see if you get on, and how the dog behaves.

It’s a good thing to do if you can give it a good life, as they’re discarded by people, and it’s not always their fault why.

Might be worth a visit to your local rescue shelter to see what you think

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If I was going to get a dog, I’d go for a mutt/crossbreed from a rescue shelter. They live longer and get sick less than pedigree dogs.

If I was getting a pedigree I’d probably choose a labrador, they’re great but do like to eat…

We went to both our local shelters first, but none of the breeds there were a good fit for us. Dogs that are too high energy or working breeds. Our first dog my childhood dog was a border collie mix and he was neurotic and unhappy and spent hours jumping back and forth in front of the tv tearing up towels. Then our corgi, my 2nd childhood dog and also a herding/working dog followed us around all day and slept most of the time and had nervous habits. I’ve been trying to convince my parents to stop getting these breeds and get a breed who’s job it is is to be a pet.

There were some smaller dog breeds there like a few terriers but they were quite old and we just lost our old dog and don’t want to go through that pain again so soon.

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Here’s a couple more puggle pics:



Sharpai or however you spell thEm. They are very wrinkly not lap dogs. And I think even quite playful.

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