Doesn’t feel real right now. TW

Oh man, I’m in a state. Up late, mind running. Visuals, blinking and seeing faces, hear them calling my name, wake up.

Same old delusions. Still not convinced I’m not a god. Still have the angels. Still have the spirits. Memories that can lie, dance in an out of flow like moths to a candle.

I hope pain is finite in this realm, I think it will be, but how much will I lose? I always say everything other than what imprints onto the soul. That’s not enough anymore.

I’m ready for more again, because I still believe. I can’t shake it.

I’m just a simple llama man. The atoms inside my body were forged in the crucible of a solar body. I’m the star child, I am the monolith, flesh and bone feels more like a suit, Ill fit, chafing, and sweltering.

I’m tired. I’m tired of watching reality melt, I’m tired of the voices, I’m tired of always questioning my experiences.

I want more


I am thinking of you. Does music help in grounding yourself?

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