Does your therapist provoke you?

My relationship with my therapist is love-hate. Maybe a male therapist would be better. This female one pushes my buttons, possibly deliberately. She’s getting down and dirty with me now about my masculinity and sexuality, which is quite uncomfortable and perhaps pointless. Is a therapist supposed to have animosity toward the client? It doesn’t feel right, and additionally it doesn’t concur with my church experience each week. While church makes me feel good and positive, my professional cuts me down on Mondays. If I could get along without her, or any therapist, and just have a prescriber, I would do that. But I get this odd sense of a therapist being a must-have or else. By contrast, I used to have an alcohol counselor who was super nice and supportive. I wish I could have someone like her again. Crap.

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It’s supposed to be like that
The idea being that you explore stuff you wouldn’t tell anyone and have emotions sometimes and most importantly re frame what your thoughts are about yourself and life
I’m f and abuse or self image are some stuff I’ve needed to deal with
I guess that is the male parallel

Support likemaking you feel good about yourself comes with time
It’s not what she’s there for she will help you fundamentally alter your world view

I went to therapy but for too short a time
She helped loads but it was still a pit stop on the kamikaze mission of my life

She’s not cutting you down
She’s shifting stuff around in your mind body and psyche
I hope you continue
Male identity is a big one

Well, thanks anyway. But the whole thing makes me sick right now. Nauseous and unhappy. I still want to fire the bitch.

“Gender identity” is something I associate with ultraconservative assholes who would reform people against their will. It makes me irate and literally sick to my stomach.

Most therapists take it easy on me. Someone told me I’m a good patient. But I had one male therapist who did tend to make little, needling remarks. Ironically he was the best therapist I’ve ever had because he was very proactive in his help. When see most therapists they just let me sit there and blather on for 45 minutes.and they think that helps.But that guy had solid solutions and real good advice.

But lately for some reason I have been a little more assertive in talking with physical doctors. I’m still a good patient but I ask questions now. A few people on here might agree that we do not always get the best help. My doctor is located in my mental health clinic, I tiny few rooms in the back. I don’t think working at this clinic is a goal of any doctor I’ve seen there. It seems like they just got stuck there or just took the job while they wait on a better one. Which there’s nothing wrong with that normally except they seem to take it too easy and forget things or forget details. I’ve been through three doctors there and I have caught several mistakes or omissions they made.


@Borath If you’re getting so upset with your therapist that it’s making you physically sick, you should look for a new therapist.


Thanks. There’s another post re: the situation which Treebeard has seen. The current thread was down the line a ways.

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masculinity and sexuality have nothing to do with ‘gender identity’ in the way that we talk about it in a misplaced gender sense

Even if someone would tell me my.pdoc hates me i wouldnt stop beliving she is my best friend in the world.

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