I think my therapist is trying to kiss me

I have this weird believe that my therapist is trying to kiss me even though it doesn’t make any sense. I think he is in to me even though I’m straight. How do I deal with a situation like this?

Why don’t you get a female therapist who can treat you better.
It works for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Regardless of whether or not he’s coming on to you,

You feel uncomfortable and should find a new therapist.


Maybe you are deluded :blush:


I cant have a male therapist or pdoc.

I prefer the warmth a woman gives.

I would also feel weird telling a man my problems lol

Try a lady :slight_smile:


My previous therapist who was a women use to eat candy in front of me. I don’t know how to find a therapist.

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I also prefer women therapist

My pdoc is a male that’s fine for me though

I believe my best friend has had a crush on me. He’s a gay dude and hes never come onto me but I met this kid in 2010 in the psych ward and he remembers every minute detail of what I said from 2010. I didn’t even know I spoke back in 2010!! I was so quiet back then. But before i knew he was gay, the first time i brought up my sister he pretended that he was interested in her…and my sister looks like the female version of me to the T.

There’s 1 billion more reasons he would like me now in 2018 than he would in 2011 but fortunately hes a very good dude and knows I’m straight and never would do anything to make me uncomfortable.

I think he feels hanging out with me is enough.

But i love hanging out with him too. So that ■■■■ is mutual. I just feel hes had/has the hots for me and its funny to me. Lol

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Do you have insurance?

If so, go to their website, click on providers, it’ll give you a list of categories, find therapist and they’ll have a bunch in your area.

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Take advice. Try and go for the head therapist in charge
It is always the best way to deal with mental issues.:neutral_face:

Yeah I should try that.

Therapists who bring animals into therapy sessions are something else.

:rofl: hilarious!

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Yea it’s all about respecting those boundaries. I got a gay friend and he’s so cool to chill with, we actually joke about him being gay the whole time and he just laughs.

I once went to a gay bar in town once cause it was the last place open. Bad mistake lol


Lol my therapist brings her dog. he’s 18 years old and he loves me


Yeah and she would take calls in my sessions.

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Well I know there’s a common delusion type where one can believe someone else is really attracted to them even when they’re not. It’s also common to project feelings onto the therapist. So maybe if you ever worry you’re gay or bi maybe you project that by thinking he’s coming onto you, (that’s just one example not saying that’s for sure the case with you)

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How close do you sit to your dr in session? I mean usually I’m across from a desk or on the opposite side of the room. There’s no way any contact is going to happen, guy or girl

I’m about a table length away.

Yea maybe it’s just a projection of homophobia, or the beginning of erotomania. Or it could be true which I think is hilarious.

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That would be so weird if it were true. I think it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. I don’t think it’s homophobia.