Does your psychiatrist get back to you right away?

If you call up your psychiatrist because of a medication concern or you are not feeling well - whatever the reason may be - does your doctor get back to you right away or is it a matter of a day or two. I called my doctor yesterday at around 9am and left a message on her phone machine, letting her know that I was not feeling well on the Lamictal.
It has been more than 24hrs and she has not returned my call - this is not usually like her to do this. I wonder what the reasons are for her doing this - I know that she wants me to stay on this med, I wonder if she has not called right away because of this reason

After 24 hours and hearing nothing, I call back and leave another message.


That sounds like a good idea - thanks alien

My Dr usually gets back to me by the end of the day. And he’ll have a phone session with me if I’m not feeling well, or if I’m having a med issue. This is not typical of psychiatists though.

I would certainly call back and leave an urgent message if I were you. Do not let her ignore your valid concern–regardless of the reason.

We have to be our own advocates!




Yes my doctor usually gets back to me the same day - this is unusual of her to be doing this. My guess is that she knows if she calls me back there is a chance i will be getting off of the medication, and she wants me to stay on this med. I have been feeling better on it, so I do not really know if I will be calling her back - maybe it is for the best this way - thanks Anthony for your advice and thanks again @anon40540444

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I go to a state psychiatrist, so there’s no chance to call him at all, it’s impossible to get through to him. I have to phone the outpatients and make an appointment if I want to see him - and that usually means waiting a week. When I was with private psychiatrists they were easy to get hold of, but the one I had I didn’t think he helped me at all. Just wasted my money. The State psychiatrists have helped me and diagnosed me better far more than the private ones.

She may also be very busy and could not call back right away. Yep-I would call again and leave a message.
Where I live, its hard to get the doctor to call back right away. Im glad you are feeling better though!

Hi @bridgecomet Yeah I am now thinking she may have not gotten my message to her. She has a system where you have to press # after you have placed the message. I messed it up the first time, I had to create a second message, the directions were confusing, I might have messed things up the second time too. Or she is busy or she wants to give me more time on this med. It is very unlike her to just ignore my messages, she usually gets back to me right away - go figure

keep trying. Maybe speak with a nurse or receptionist to get your message through…

No I dont think I am going to call, I am feeling much better and I really have to stay with this med. I see her in one week anyways, I will talk to her then - No nurse or receptionist

My psychiatrist has a caseload of 700 patients. He is the County Psychiatrist. He works at the clinic certain days. I am lucky to be able to see him and hear from him as much as I do. It’s usually not right away, but many times the same day. One of these days he’ll offer drive thru services, 5 minutes each. Ha Ha Ha

Mine uses e mail. He says he gets back in about an hour. I’ve contacted him + didn’t check back right away. I haven’t had any emergencies.