My new psychiatrist sucks at renewing meds on time

This is the second time he hasn’t responded to the pharmacy. I don’t think they will allow me to take home even a day dose because they last week they gave me a weeks worth of meds early courtesy of the manager. It’s a nice pharmacy but utlimately my doctor has the last day. Annoyed! Lol.

Can you phone your doctor directly and chase him up?

that doesn’t sound like it’s going to work out very good. Don’t these people know we need our meds on time every time. Jeeze!

I left 2 messages at the office, one on the receptionists machine and another on a random social workers machine. My case manager doesn’t seem to be in the office and his machine is full? So random. I’ll just have to wait and see… guess I’ll just lay low tonight. Which is what I always do :joy:

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I see a new resident every 6 months because of the flexibility. I’ll admit it though, I’m a bit bratty when it comes to promptness. But I’ve had psychiatrists that were worse so I still appreciate the residents efforts.