Does your family gotten used to you being unwell?

Does your family gotten so used to you being unwell over the years that they don’t acknowledge your suffering any more making you feel even more alone? I am at this state and can’t bear it. Have no friends, so I’m all I have.
I think that as long as I am on medication there is no need to do anything more for me.

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Yes, that’s the position I’m in.

It’s crap xhit.

I’d say that pretty much sums up my position in life at the moment as well.

Thank you for being honest. I have a diagnosed brother and I just moved out of Ca into Oregon to be near him and to become a bigger part of his life. How would you like to see others care for you? What can I do, as a sister, to show my brother I care, and that I want to know him?

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I have a sister too. Unfortunately she doesn’t spend that much time with me. You can start to spend more time with him and show affection and interest. Do dismiss the feelings he has or the things he says despite being (if so) socially incorrect or politely wrong.

In my family, the four of us don’t spend time together and that was and is still bad. Only at dinner when my sister comes two times a week to see us do we spend time together.

Dialogue is very important and judging is very prejudicial. I felt that just the other day as I shared some of my actions of the past.

You can show if he likes physical display of affection, though it might not be easy for some people to welcome it if there is a long history of an opposite dynamics.

Ask him things. And time spent is time gained.

My sister hasn’t that capacity for affection. She doesn’t like to be hugged more than 2 seconds and doesn’t like physical contact that much. She can be pretty rough to me sometimes and doesn’t call me never to know if I’m okay during all week. It’s been like this forever.

Don’t know if these tips help or not. But it is a good sign to show interest.

That’s sad…but you have to know there are people that do care…we all do here on this forum or else we wouldn’t be here. Talk to any of us at any time …I’ve had such a good experience corresponding with everyone here…they’re wonderful people who listen to each other and help, you won’t be alone here…my ex has sz and doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and I came here for help…
I’m feeling better. …and you will to…keep coming
out here…take care

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You have friends on this site. A lot of the people here have experienced what you have. Words are inadequate to convey the pain of schizophrenia, but there are people who will try to help you.

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Have you tried facebook, you can look up friends.

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Thats rough…but you have friends here.


Thank you for your reply. Honestly, physical affection is hopefully going to come down the line a bit. But I have a great example of progress! I attended my first support group meeting for families of the diagnosed. When I came home, my brother asked where I went. (that dialog is progress in and of itself) and I was unsure what to tell him. So I tried the truth and told him I went to the group. I told him I wanted to better understand what hes going through and how I can be a help. He said thank you and that he really appreciated me doing that for him. I have so much hope right now!

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That is great. I’m happy for you. I just wished mine (family) weren’t what they are and they don’t seem to want to do anything. I’m quitting (the supposed) “group family therapy” for I don’t see anything arising from there. I can’t even open the blinds of the living room if I want to so the sunshine comes in. – the sun burns the cloth shades… I’m rambling. Good for you! Keep in touch!

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Try bible study, you are never alone with the lord!.