Does your Dr give you 2+ meds with major interactions?


Remeron and wellbutrine says major interaction on website.

The risk is siezures. And mentions things such as cns issues .

I have non-active cns medical issues.

Would you do it?

Has any one taken them together before?


My doctor used to have me on two meds that can cause prolonged QT syndrome. He said the odds of it happening were so low that the benefits outweighed the risk.


Hi, I am on both remeron and wellbutrin. Both are a fairly low dose.

And I have had no trouble with these two interacting. Everything has been O.K.


My doctor is switching me to zyprexa tomorrow but I’m currently on lorazepam as well. Anyone have experience using the two together?


Lorazepam is not an antipsychotic. It doesn’t interact with Zyprexa. So no harm in taking them together.


Its a anti anxiety tablet right…???


Normally two drugs both of which can prolong the Qt interval cannot be used together. It raises the risk of torsa de pointes which can cause death. I do not understand why your doctor gave them to you. Probably you are on low doses and the doctor may have felt that it is safe to give them together.


Oh good to know, either way I’m tapering off Zyprexa(short lived I know) due to weight gain.


Yes it’s a benzodiazepine


My Zoloft Abilify and naltrexone all have major interactions, but in a positive way. They supposedly feed off each other. I seriously think this is the best med combo for me because they interact in such a way together. Even if the Abilify isn’t the best anti-psychotic for me, or Zoloft best antidepressant, they both interact with the naltrexone really well


Here’s an article