Does you pdoc tell u?

you will take the meds for the rest of your life ??

I’m going to go off meds before I’m 40.

I will be cured by then

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She remained very silent when I told her I wanted to be off them before I was 35 and then if I recall changed now subject.

Now I’m on injection and in a few months I will be being discharged from my mental health team because I’m doing well and my GP surgery will be in charge of giving me my injection. So I have no clue how I’d go about coming off it now if I wanted too now.

But no she never has outright said that I will be on my medication the rest of my life. I think she would know that would not be a posative conversation to be having

My pdocs and other care people keep telling me I’m one of those people who might make a full recovery, but I have yet to get a definitive answer on whether that means I’ll eventually be able to taper off the meds or not.

I’m pretty convinced, for now, I’ll have to be on Mood stabilizers the rest of my life. The pdoc told me this many years ago and I didn’t listen. But it is easy to fall into that trap that now I’m feeling better, the illness is gone and I don’t need meds anymore. Meanwhile its actually the meds making you feel well.

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Yes that trap is terribad

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