Does tobacco cause stress

i just lost all my post, here we go again.

lately im wonderimg if i should quit tobacco. as it stands right now i snus 4 swedish snus pouches during the day. then smoke and drink some beer at night. i snus during the day so i can not smoke so much. its convenient also. but at night is my “relax” time. when i just smoke.

it somehow helps me deal with my noisy downstairs neighbors. because i can just get out on the patio and escape.

i tried just snusing last night and it was kinda stressful.

sometimes i feel like tobacco is causing me more stress overall.

but today im going to milk these last two snus pouches then proceed to smoke the rest of the night. i think snus kinda stresses me out.

i remember the glory days of smoking on the patio all the time. i was so content. lately idk. feel like im just not as content with tobacco anymore.

i tried cutting down last month. when i got used to it i felt more calm. but i had to smoke at night.

:confused: i dont know!!

My son chews or uses snus. Not sure of the correct term. A little while ago ordered pouches from I think Sweden. The nicotine content is a lot higher then in cigarettes so I’m thinking a lot more addicting. Thankfully he goes through stages so not doing it all the time. I think if you can cut down it would be beneficial to your health.

Nicotine can be medicinal for the schizophrenic brain, cigarettes are pure poison for the body. I used to smoke close or about 2 packs a day at one point in my life. The more I was unstable, the more I smoked and felt more connected to reality. I don’t smoke at the present moment, but crave it when Im not feeling so well

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I smoke a pack and a half a day. I feel like it reduces my stress.

I puff on my e-cigarette all day. Better for you than actual cigarettes.

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I’m trying to quit. Still wavering between three and five a day. I know it’s creeping back up. I’m hoping I can quit soon.

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Smoking causes me stress. As soon as I finish one I want another. If I’m places I can’t smoke I’m always looking ahead to when I get my next fix. It’s a lot of ups + downs for me. The last few times I’ve tried it, it was one after another + it drove me batty.

The way I chew nicotine gum - tearing it into thirds + chewing it all the time …it isn’t stressful.

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I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I switched to nicorette mini lozenges. They make me feel calm. I get more payoff from the nicorette than a cigarette. My brain feels more stable. And I save $100 a month. I still miss the habit though. I might try to use the e-cigarette with no nicotine for a few puffs here and there.