I am very anbgry becouse i dont smoke ciggaretes

how to reduce stress cousing not smoking

Hang in there. Not smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. You can do it! Take some deep breaths and appreciate that you can breathe so well.


Try chewing strongly flavored gum it doesn’t have to have nicotine.


no i will go sleep soon

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Good night spooky…!!!

i am not spooky

That’d a good thing. Smoking is very badm

Found out drinking water helps with urges

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I smoke two packs a day

Two packs a day it’s too much

I smoke 4 or 5 cigs per day. I also chew nicotine gum sometimes.

You’ve saved yourself from a lifetime of problems and less stress.

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Good job. You sound like you are doing better than me. I try to stop and then remember all my problems and it makes me light up again. I wish I could give you advice to handle stress without smoking but I am currently unable :frowning: maybe if I try enough times I will be able to handle the problems without cigarettes

Think of the money you’ll save. You can do it.

They say after a few days being anxious and irritable gets better. I need to quit too. I’ve never given it an honest attempt. I admire you for quitting. You’re Awesome!

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