Does the medicine make you sweat more or less?

  • Sweat less
  • Sweat More

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Geodon makes me feel cold. It doesn’t really make me sweat any more or less though. I sweat very little in general.

no impact

I don’t sweat more or less.

To be honest i haven’t noticed any difference. I think it’s about the same.

Less on Haldol pills, more on Haldol shot. Not sure why. But after I got my shot I was waking up at night drenched in sweat. 2 weeks after my last shot I had no more hot flashes.

I dont think it affects me either way.

Ever since i been on antipsyhcotics i sweat more, and gained weight.

I used to have bad sweats during dreams in bed. Would wake up cold and wet. Wake up to beads of sweat running down my body.

It would have a chemical smell unlike work out sweats, I could smell the difference.

I’ve not had many of the night sweats in a long while, something I thank meds for. Still happens, but much less often.

It’s the first time the votes are so competitive

I was on something that made me sweat a lot once when i was young. don’t remember which med it was but i do remember interviewing for a job delivering papers and was dripping sweat on the table. very embarassing and i didn’t get the job.

I sweat quite a lot I’ve noticed recently. Sometimes it looks like I’ve been exercising etc when Im just slightly nervous.
I went out the last three days and noticed myself sweating a lot on all of them.

i avoid high temperatures like the plague because i get so sweaty when its hot. went one 90-100f degree summer with no ac and once we got it fixed i keep myself cool at all times