What sleep issues you have/had on haloperidol (haldol)?

For me is I cant sleep for long, sometimes I wake up all hot and I need to cool down before trying to sleep again. Is this normal on antipsychotics?

I’m on haldol and I sleep a lot. I do wake up often, but I blame that on how much time I spend trying to sleep. I don’t have a hot/cold thing though.

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I Believe thats what I started on in the late 80s and It made me so sleepy and zombified that I couldnt stay on it and unfortunately went unmedicated for years.

Haldol didn’t make me tired at all. The sedation was a very severe altering of everything about me

I was only on it for about 8 months before I came off

Still on diazepam even though that was more than 3 years ago

Got the dose down to just 4mg a day from 30mg that was used to deal with movement issues - alongside procyclidine

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I am on 5mg haloperidol and it relaxes me nicely. I get some akathisia but not too bad.