Does the flu or cold give you symptoms?

Had the flu bug or something this week. Slept for 5 days till 3 or 4pm each day. Now I could only sleep for 1 hour today and am stuck in a hypomanic mood. Body is tired but the mind is roaring.

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yes, anything that creates an imbalance… screws with my mind… :man:
remember to take…
vit C
get in the sun for vit D :sunny:
i hope you are feeling better soon :heart:
take care :alien:

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Yeah my whole balance is way off walls were looking wobbly too. Just minor symptom flare ups. And mistaking random things in the house for small dogs.

I will take vitamin c and drink a bunch of water. Thanks

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Once I had a real bad case of the flu and I was hearing continuous voices and auditory and olfactory hallucinations. The olfactory hallucinations were torturing me and I couldn’t escape them. I ended up in the hospital that time.

Flu, cold or a bad toothache is guaranteed psychosis maker for me.


I had the flu last year… fever… that threw me in to a manic spike that sank it’s teeth in and didn’t let go even after the fever was gone.

I ended up in hospital for a day… trying to rehydrate me and get the fever down. When I left the hospital… the fever was gone but the mind blowing manic euphoria stuck around for a long time.

That of course screwed up the sleeping patterns… which just let more and more of the head circus come in.

Good luck… be patient… fluids… rest… and no stress…

Hope you feel better soon.

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