When I get sick

Every time I get strep, or the flu etc. I become more paranoid. I am currently sick and it’s driving me crazy attempting to make myself believe the truth. I’m horribly delusional. I don’t know how to deal with it. It’s not like I will be sick forever, but, for the next week?

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Stress, especially from being ill, can really bring out symptoms. Hope you get through this without too much discomfort.


Yes, stress I try to avoid, which is why I try to be positive and not to focus on bad matters. Stress does trigger sz as it has been researched.

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Be careful about antibiotics when you are on meds. It’s not like a physician would make a mistake like giving you the wrong medicine after you tell them what you are taking, but there are tons of drug interactions and ziprasidone (my med) does interact with certain antibiotics. Just research it a bit, there is a site that shows drug interactions and how dangerous they are. I forgot what it’s called and I’m on my phone and can’t pull it up but it’s one of the first results on Google.

But yeah, colds or flu can make symtpoms worse. I generally don’t get colds and I take flu shots. I’m never out sick with a cold, at the most I get some colored mucus for like three days but don’t run a fever. I got a cold sore and found out I have oral herpes several days ago…I think it’s making me a little irritable. I looked it up and irritability is a symptom of simplex one. I’m probably just pissed because I can’t kiss or have sex, which I had been doing lately.

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I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully you’ll get over this soon and get your strength back.

Sorry this hit you.

I had a fever a few months ago and it sent me manic and delusional. It’s amazing how much the body and mind affect one another.

I’m rooting for you.

Snuggle blankets, warm drinks… (herbal tea) and some TLC will hopefully help you feel better as your body fights this.

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I usually get brain zaps when I get the flu or a bad cold. The same brain zaps you get after missing a few doses of a SSRI. That would suggest that colds/flu disrupt brain chemistry.

I remember the last fever I had (was a low/mild one at 101°f), it caused a few head problems. From what I remember of it, I thought I didn’t have the ability to sleep because ‘it wasn’t configured as an option when my brain was compiled.’ I remember trying to find a way around it and trying to think of a way to recompile my brain so I could sleep. Fortunately it only lasted a few hours before I snapped out of it.