Quick question.... colds

Does anyone else ever find that their symptoms like to come out and play hard if they have a cold or fever?

I’m usually a little mentally disoriented during allergy season. I have to be super careful with over the counter stuff for the allergies.

But while camping, I caught a low grade fever and WOW cue the circus music because here come the elephants


I haven’t been ill for years and can hardly remember to be honest.

Why like my comment?

I like the likes but don’t wear it out.

I was thinking you are very lucky to have not have had a cold for that long. It was also a thank you for taking the time to answer.

Lucky is one word for it, but on the other hand i just don’t go out, don’t want to get sick don’t go out.

I saw one woman sick as hell in the store once, she had a flu, and she was only there to buy decorations for a holiday, i thought “thats not a good reason to risk lives now is it.”

Didn’t take any time at all really.

My head gets worse when I’m sick too. Also I’m always worse off when it’s cold outside.

Hi J, yes my symptoms get worst, especially when I have a fever

I haven’t caught a cold or fever for some years. But I find my body could fake up flu symptoms in relation to my voices. It made me throw up too.