Does the cave rescue wake up your faith in humanity?

It certainly amazes me how they cared and worked to rescue those kids.


I think it’s just amazing and a gift from some Higher Power and humanity that those children were saved.



Nope, it reassures my belief that the general public are ■■■■■■■ stupid. Who takes a group of kids in to a cave knowing that its prone to flooding at that given time of year?


Yes, you might be right that they were wreckfully confident but once that mistake was made, they went in to remedy it.

And a good man died due to the stupidity of another.


All I got out of it was learning Thailand had

Ummm! I don’t know. I say idk cuz this is gonna be forgotten very quickly. We humans are fickle at best. Time and time again. But I’m glad the kids were rescued.

I’m not a cynic just a realist.

it’s just clear to me that the primary force of the universe is always active and inspires people in different ways all the time.

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