Archeological musings

I cant find the article now… but the spanish claimed there was a temple from either the mayans or the aztecs… that was either built on a foundation of human bones or the walls were decked out in human skulls… cannot remember which… anyway everyone thought it was just spanish exaggeration to further their enslavement and genocide of the indigenous peoples… turns out it was true i wanna say last month they rediscovered it. @anon40653964 thought you mind find it interesting…


I also read about a cave system the mayans used… the spanish blew up and sealed every entrance they could find to it… apparently some spanish went in to get rid of the demons who lived there… the next day their heads were stacked at one of the entrances… thats pretty scary lol…

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Haha the Aztecs and Mayans rule :sunglasses:

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Well you see there are things called denotes. They are essentially watering holes that go across th earth from surface to surface. Sometimes before the sacrifices began, people would ask to have their deceased body thrown in the watering hole to feed the gupi catfish. Did you know gold fish are closely related to catfish when allowed to grow large? They are also called Asian carp (there is a name for it but it slips me) anyway so occasionally bones would pop out of the water during a pressurized spring like old faithful. At the time Mayans knew the world was alive and so they knew an eruption or earthquake had transpired (across the empire i.e. transpired, occurred, happened) so they would keep these bones which would sometimes be eroded and depressurized into odd shapes and sizes. There were always bones of people and animals even who were viewed with severance. Some animals thought extinct until the recent tsunamis and some who have yet to reappear! Anyway when the Aztecs came were exhiled by the Comanche, which were essentially eastern Apache, they headed to a place where there had been a great watering hole (a lake) where many animal got along the shaman knew of this and so did the spirit guides. Anyway, the exhiled Comanche people refused to believe we shared rivers and waters. Along the way they received help from Apache encampments which would later be viewed as Lakota and Cherokee. These people knew where the lake was. The tarauhumara helped as well. So it was a big gathering. Anyway they arrived at the lake, over time ■■■■■■ it up hah. But the point is… the Aztec empire was part of the fall of the mesoamerican because they tried to emulate blood givers and would stone people who had less seashells through sacrifice and the higher classes thought themselves better. Anyway sometimes they build temples on graveyards throughout the world. Just like many churches where there are catacombs or pyramids with mummies, heck even temples with ashes or buildings with a coffin/heirloom. Hope that clears up some of your questions my friend @flameoftherhine

There are still tribal people who were never defeated but chose to assimilate without compromising their entire culture. With thst being said… Aztecs were powerhugry people who aged peaceful tribes. They were kept at bay by the Apache and the Mayans until the Mayans got greedy for golf and became Inca.

The caves are older than the Mayans naturally. These caves are called subterranean rivers and you can float for 200 miles down stream in about 8 hours. Well gotta go for now.

@flameoftherhine b7t you literally have to swim with seconds sometimes when they go for a swim. It is best not to use the subterranean rivers alone.