Does smoking weed make your psychosis worse?

Just asking does it help or hurt you?

I used to be a productive smoker, but now I just bug out way too much for weed to be helpful in any way at the moment.

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Marijuana is very bad for psychotic disorders. The THC can worsen psychosis.


Well, the worst psychosis I ever had was when I was locked up in jail, and I was completely sober for that time. If weed was the problem I wouldn’t have been freaking out and hearing/seeing/believing wacked out stuff while sober. I’ve never had that level of psychosis ever again, even with occasional smoking. I’ve done it before where it makes me feel very scared, often if it’s too potent, and had to wait for it to settle back down after an hour or two.

So whatever that means I guess. Probably best to avoid it, but a small amount doesn’t throw everybody directly into psychosis.

It screws thingy up for me.

But the high CBD low THC Hemp I like. Actually I like it 3 or 4 times a day. But I can only go a couple months on it cuz my tolerance goes through the roof.

Drugs affect everyone differently, especially weed.

On Aps the drug that hits me the hardest is weed, it makes me so psychotic its unbelievable.

I dont think people realise just how strong weed really is.

On Anti Psychotics -

Acid - Just get energy

MDMA - hardly works

Shrooms - Dont do a thing


Weed hits me harder than all those drugs


You never know what it can do, so it’s best to avoid when you have a psychotic disorder.


High potency THC products designed to “get you baked” set off my symptoms, makes them more powerful, and my insight is worse.

I would not advise them to SZ/SZA.

That being said, I use a high cbd low THC tincture for anxiety. Lab tested for standards. Sold from a state shop.

I find it helps, 30/60mg of CBD helps my anxiety when the voices are going. It doesn’t help decrease the voices, the volume, or anything like that. It just helps me relax when I get them

I used to think only THC was the culprit, but now I believe all kinds of weed are a culprit. The terpenoids in them increase blood-brain barrier permeability, at least temporarily, and I imagine this repeated opening of the BBB weakens it in susceptible people.

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I believe THC is the culprit. I can’t function more than 3 weeks on reg weed. I been functioning better than ever since I started vaping CBD flower 6 months ago.

I guess your experience was different than mine.

No research on cbd flower to show positive or negative effects for people prone to psychosis.

My pdoc knows about my use. She doesn’t tell me stop, and she doesn’t tell me to continue…

Again, no research. So nobody knows.

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Short Answer - Yes it makes your psychosis worse. And a CPN told me it cancels out the theraputic properties of anti-psychotics.

CBD Only - is a different matter tho.

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Weed made me extremely psychotic. But everyone is different, so tread lightly if you decide to use.

CBD on the other hand, I’ve found is very good. Helps with my anxiety and stress. I’ve only eaten the gummies, but I’d like to try the flower soon.


I smoked weed for years. After I did acid it was making me hallucinate a lot as it was really strong cannabis.

Last time I smoked it I got super paranoid.

Weed makes my psychotic symptoms worse. I’ve heard from a few psychiatrists that if you smoke it enough it will decrease the effectiveness of your antipsychotics. I havent looked into the research on that, but I trust what I’ve been told.

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Same exact thing here. I used to enjoy weed but after lsd I havent been able to at all

Its supposed to increase your chance of developing psychosis. I smoked very little when I was young. I doubt that’s the reason.

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Weed made me really psychotic. Not gonna explain but the last time I tried smoking post psychotic break it ended up my friends chasing me through a public park at night in the middle of winter trying to get me back in the car lmao

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A guy I know who just took a hit on weed said one of his voices named Jerky said the psychosis was better, and the other voice Lurky said it was worse. He then proceeded to give his theory on whether rats dream.

I did a lot of drugs when I was younger. I smoke an 8th a day for 4 years until psychosis sunk in. If I smoke weed it’s psychosis for the duration of the high. Over the past 20 years I’ve smoked half a dozen times. I learned to just stay away from the stuff.

Although it was legalized in my state. Can’t buy it in stores until after the first of the year. Thinking about giving cbd a try. I’m high strung and I’m hoping it will calm me down without paranoia.

So I have been smoking weed about 4 times a day, every day for over a year now. I had an unrelated bout with my mind back in February that resulted in doubling my dosage but other than that my voices are better. I’m able to fight the negative because I am not depressed. I lost 60 pounds just from adding weed to my diet because I have physical health problems that limit my mobility and cause extreme pain most days so I have a viable reason for using such a dangerous substance but I know my body and I know my mind. This is in my case a spiritual attack and likely not schizophrenia and even my psychologist is left wondering if I’m not right about this. She encourages me to do what makes me happy and keeps me participating in the lives surrounding me instead of isolating my mind in the middle of work and if it is not harming me or causing me to harm others then she feels the marijuana has been a good thing FOR ME. It won’t be like this for everyone.

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