Does schizophrenia get better as you age?

Negatives are the toughest part for me these days.

I’m much improved I barely have positive symptoms just unstable mood

I most likely don’t have schizophrenia possibly borderline personality maybe minor schizophrenia but my moods are fine on haldol but off meds I’m erratic and will cry or laugh hysterically and I get very angry and I’m very impulsive

Yea it’s getting better for me. My psychosis disorder. Hoping to work soon.


Better?. Is My Life Getting Better?. Am I Happy?. Am I Improved From 10 Years Ago?.

Am I Prepared To Face Life’s Trials & Tribulations?.

Am I Focused Clearly?.

Am I Psychologically Patient With Fitness To Patiently Wait For What’s Hopeful & Correct?.

Am I Perfect?.

Well, No, I’m Not Perfect…, Hardly Even Close. Kinda Got Out Of Hand Quickly With These Questions I Was Coming Up With. Almost Felt Like Jim Morrison. He’s SoO0 Cool… . …

N e Hoo.

Kidding Aside. The Professional Answer Is Yes. Life Does Get Easier. It Does Take Some Solid Focus, Preparation And Work. Not A Job As Working As A Bouncer At A Disco Club.

More So…, Someone Who Daydreams In Clarity. And Prepares Positively For Normal Interruptions.

Nothing And No One Is Perfect. And That Includes You Dear Reader.

SoO0…, Down Keep Judging Every Little Thing You Do As If You Are Some Sort Of Gladiator.

No Prizes In That Field Of Existence I Can Assure You.

And Such And So On.

Keep Positive Goals. Raise The Bar With Your Dreams. And Maintain A Realistic Perspective.

Yep!. Yap!. Yup!. Yas!. Uh Huh!.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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