Does.l god ever talk to you like in a conversation or is this just a hallucination?

I have been talking to God back and forth Tonite and he uses the term child and daughter. Has anybody else experienced this or is it just a hallucination?

Does he work this way or no

If you talk to god, you’re religious. If God talks back to you, it’s Schizophrenia. I heard it somewhere before, but it may be true. I remember when I was religiously delusional, all my Christian friends looked at me like I was crazy for saying god told me such and such. Apparently even in religion god talking back is not a good sign. So I say it’s the Schizophrenia.


Okay thank you 7777777

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Yes of course. Deities, Jesus, Angels etc

I had the voice of an IRA operative named Noel

I think god doesn’t say much as it is all written. I use my understanding of god. I believe the talk back comes out of yourself in form of a voice about what you know from your god.

God talked back to me everyday for years and years. He only talks back to me now sometimes. No one ever expresses alarm when I tell them that “God told me this” or “God told me that”. And I talk like that all of the time and with everyone.

I think God speaks to us through situations. & through our hearts. Definitely. But if you’re literally hearing a voice that is your hallucinations

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