Does it mean less

does possible diabetes mean less random dinners?

Means less sugary foods. Healthier diet.

I have a mean sweet tooth. Thankfully diabetes doesn’t run in my family or I’d be doomed for sure.

Less random ‘bad for your diabetes’ dinners~ yes.
All things in moderation anyway.

I live with three people with diabetes. they are all heath conscious now well kinda my father in law sometimes still goes out and splurges on junk food. diabetes also runs in my family both my parents have it but theirs is diet controlled. I have had my sugar checked multiple times by doctors they are always amazed that I don’t have diabetes but I have been trying to eat healthier

well i got another random dinner today. been getting a lot lately.

if i announced my possible diabetes, it’ll backfire. i’ll likely have to visit the doctor, and i hate going outside for something that’s not important. i mean, diabetes is important, but i’m not at the severe stage yet where i’d waste time with a doctor.

if i don’t have diabetes, then that would’ve been a wasted doctor visit and i’ll still get random dinners. if i do have diabetes, then i’ll probably still get random dinners, but they will be healthy random dinners! random dinners are bad enough because they are random. but at least they tasted good. if i get healthy random dinners, then i can kiss my tongue goodbye.

Diabetes isn’t a death sentence unless you do nothing to keep it under control. If you aren’t monitoring your sugar levels by eating right and excising, the sugar will basically destroy your entire body…a little at a time.

My cousin took her diabetes not so seriously and because of it, lost sight in both her eyes with diabetes, the sugar dissolved the bands that hold the retinas on. Surgery was able to reattach the one, but not the other. She regained sight in the one eye.
Then her kidneys stopped working, one at a time, he mother donated one to her, and she resumed life without dialysis.
Then at age 32, she had a heart attack from the muscle wasting in her heart valve.
I still miss her.


Why do you think you have diabetes? You know diabetes is preventable right? You can be pre-diabetic but then if you change your diet you will never develop diabetes at all.

Limit your carbs and little to no sweets/sugary drinks.