Does anyone take folate?


If so, how much and which kind? Have you noticed any improvements?


I take folic acid 400 mgs (?) as I was tested low on it.

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I take this. Less negatives

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I take a B complex for undermethylators that has Folate. Works nice. I feel somewhat energised by it and would do more if not for head pain. Without the pain I would not have many negatives.


I take a multivitamin witch had also the b vitamins including folic acid


I spent a lot of money on l-methyfolate supplements.
Didn’t do a thing.


I take methyl folate because I have an MTHFR mutation and don’t absorb folic acid. I don’t notice anything, though.


I have the mutation as well.
My previous doc pushed deplin, thought it would work miracles.
Oh well, we all have dreams

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What is the effect of folate? I’ve never heard of it before.


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