Does anyone take a low dose of seroquel for sleep?

I am on 2x80mg Geodon nightly and I can’t sleep at night without putting myself in a food coma every night and I’m tired of it.

I have tried lavender which didn’t work. I now take 6mg melatonin which helps me sleep through the night, but falling asleep is my problem. It has been like this since I started taking Geodon.

I am aware that seroquel at low doses helps sleep. But I’ve read articles on the internet stating this should not be a long term solution. Are the rules for this different for sz patients?

Do you take a low dose seroquel for sleep? How long have you been doing this? How much do you take?

I’m scheduling a pdoc appt…

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Hi bro i take 25mg seroquel with 3 mg melatonin… i have heard melatonin for long term doesnt work… tho i take it every night… talk to ur pdoc…

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Melatonin long term doesn’t work for some people. Most don’t develop a tolerance to it.

The solution to melatonin tolerance is to lower the dose to less than 1 milligram, since too much melatonin cancels the benefits.


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