Does anyone smoke CBD?

I’m thinking of buying a high CBD/low THC strain. I don’t react well to THC, it makes my heart race. CBD has lots of health benefits and i miss smoking cigs, I want something to smoke.

Anyone have any experience smoking high CBD strains? Did it help?

I smoke cigarettes, so I have absolutely zero room to talk here but I think that SMOKING just about anything is bad for your lungs. I don’t know a whole lot about CBD but I would think if you are thinking about your health there might be a better delivery method.


@Bowens - I agree that any type of smoking is bad for your lungs. There is still health benefits of it though. Helps insomnia, helps decrease pain, ect… but again I see the point you’re making. Theres better ways of consuming CBD. I’m a fiend though, I like smoking lol.

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I can’t really smoke anything. My father smoked my entire life and after moving out and breathing actual air, smoking anything hurts.

However, I have tried edibles of high CBD / low THC and vice versa. They both make my hallucinations worse. Last time I tried it, the leaves of a large bush in my yard formed the head of a tiger and roared at me.



Sorry to hear that! @EverDream

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I don’t smoke anything anymore.

I use CBD tincture, and it’s helpful to me to help me sleep. It definitely helps you relax. Maybe a tiny dose could help with the urge to smoke? I have no idea if it has that ability. Just thinking that if you’re relaxed more, maybe the compulsion to smoke will be less.

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I’m glad it helps you sleep, thats always a good thing! @Pandy

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I smoke CBD hemp flower regularly. It helps me a ton.

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@Tulane - Glad to hear it helps you! What exactly does it help you with if you dont mind me asking? I’m looking to buy some CBD hemp flower.

It’s like a benzo, antidepressant, anti-anxiety med, and PRN all rolled into one – quite literally. It elevates my mood, takes the anxiety edge off a bit, and overall, just makes me feel good. It’s not a high, but it does make you feel euphoric. At least for me. If you like all the effects of marijuana, but don’t want that “stoned off your behind for hours” feeling, then I’d try some CBD flower.

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@Tulane - Yeah I don’t want to get stoned. I don’t react well to the high levels of THC in most strains. Gives me anxiety and raises my heart rate.

I’m just interested in the CBD.

I’m the same way, when it comes to THC. I’m very sensitive to it, and a little bit makes me uber paranoid.

I’ve tried CBD gummies, tinctures, capsules – none of it worked too well ,except the flower. Probably because when you vape/smoke it, you’re getting it directly from the source. Anyways, if you are interested you should check out some flower for sale online. If you want, I can link you to some of the sites I buy from

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@Tulane - Yeah i would appreciate if you could send me links to those websites. I live in Canada by the way.

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I have a belief that cbd is the source of paranoia in cannabis

@Abise - and why do you think that?

Idk because it makes my body heavy and makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong… .1 mg cbd is okay with me… I prefer switching to indica strain to relax me and goto sleep than have high dosage of cbd.

Sorry @TheCanuk , I’ve been off the forum for a few days. Anyways, if you’re still interested in the flower, some sites I buy from are:

Hemp Hop
Secret Nature CBD
Black Tie
Plain Jane
Tweedle Farms

There are a ton of other sites I wanna try, but I gotta get through this huge stash I have first, lol. Good luck, man! Hope it works for you

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Thanks man, i’ll check them out! @Tulane

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