Does anyone say 'homosexual' anymore?

It seems like a cold term.

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I have noticed it on application forms when applying for jobs.

Really? That’s against the law in the states.


Yeah we don’t have to answer or complete it but they do gather such information… like disability, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc

all they say is We do not discriminate based on these things

they never ask what your sex preference is.

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Some people say it still, but mostly folks use lgbt or queer, because it is more inclusive than homosexual. Bisexual and pansexual amd asexual and some trans people do not fit the homosexual label.


Homosexual is derogatory…its called gay

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It’s interesting how language usage evolves from one generation to the next. My aunt may use the word groovy. I may use the word cool a lot. I have no idea what my niece would say.

Not really what you were looking for but it’s just the way I see it.



Homosexual sounds clinical. I think its a fine way to describe your son who you disprove of. But not a friend or a colleague

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I mostly hear the term used ironically by other gay people.

Not to start a brush fire here but I remember back in high school the use of the word gay could also mean something you disapprove of. Like that band is gay!

Or in the Flintstones theme song. ‘Have a gay ole time’ means something positive.

Ya I am a language nerd.

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Yeah. Nowadays very few people use gay as an insult. Now, the kids are like “omg thats so gay” when talking about something awesome. I, for one, highly approve.

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If you’re a doctor and you describe your patient as a homosexual I wouldn’t be offended, but if I had a personal relationship with you, and you knew me, I’d probably prefer something else. I think its just about how language sounds and what emotions it inspires. I’m not a fan of this overly politically correct nonsense but I also think that, you should be kind to people.

To me, it depends on who is saying it and the context. You can definitely tell whether someone accepts you or not based on how they talk about you, regardless of the specific words they use.

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When I came out to my friends who I was living with at the time I had a hell of a time getting through to their heads about what words were offensive.

They probably thought I woke up one morning and just decided about my sexual orientation. Not! Knew when I was young.

Anyways they were not the people I thought I knew. It was hard but I had to X them out of my life. It was hard but necessary.


I swear when I used to apply for jobs it used to say that term… but now i look back on some of my applications it only says “gay or lesbian”, straight etc …

We shoudln’t be discriminating either but there is a thing called equal opportunities…

I don’t agree jobs applications should ask this but its my experience that they have.

We use gay now but before we called them homo’s at school. I find the term gay more polite.

Homosexual is more a medical name.

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‘Gay’ is easier to say among us neurotics.

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