Does anyone say 'homosexual' anymore?

I didn’t realise homosexual was a word that is looked down upon. I don’t see what makes it a cold term.

Maybe it has negative connotations on it?

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There is a problem in the LGBT community, where every time we find a word to describe ourselves, it gets co-opted and used as an insult by people who aren’t part of the group. Every single word to describe a queer person has gone through this. As far as I’m concerned, it has nothing to do with the words used, and everything to do with the context surrounding the words. I have a very dear 50 year old friend who happily informed me that she fully supports me being a tranny and will call me he from now on. Now, obviously, the term tranny is generally thought of as highly offensive. But I didn’t get mad because she was obviously just trying to show support with the vocabulary available to her. I told her it is more acceptable to say transgender, and she mostly remembers.

I think it matters how a person says a word, not so much the specific word they use.


I agree with this, intent is very important.


I never say im bi-sexual - I always just say i “swing both ways” lol. No one says homesexual round here - your just plain “gay” .


That’s what we called them, and it was meant in a very derogatory way. It was a mortal insult to call someone a homo. There were a couple of gays who showed up at our elementary school. At first everybody didn’t know how to approach them, but then they were accepted as they were, and everybody got along fine. When a straight guy was putting down gays they did it out of the hearing of these two guys.


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