Does anyone on here ever think…

That some peoples comments or posts are about them?

I KNOW it’s just my sz brain, but occasionally I get paranoid like some random comment is about me or my delusions.

I’m not experiencing it too bad right now, just curious if others experience this….?


Yooo @ozymandias

I tried PMing you but it says you’re not accepting messages right now, message me if you would :v:

Not for a long time but when I’m getting paranoid those types of thoughts creep in. Been pretty stable for a while now so not complaining.


That’s good!

It’s probably cause I’ve spaced taking my meds for a couple days… I’m gonna take them now.

I’m not experiencing it too bad right now. But the thought crossed my mind for a second


Does anyone on here ever think…'”
I don’t know, sometimes I wonder.


I’ve thought that before. I used to think a couple of members were thinking of me when they wrote their posts. Not that they were saying anything specific I just thought their posts were related to me. It seems funny now, I haven’t thought that in a long time.


Rarely. But it happened all the time when I was having episode. I would go on YouTube or some website I would think each post is somehow referring to me.


For me it is not occasional phenomenon. Mostly happens when I am psychotic.


When I was psychotic this was the case a lot.

Also, I experienced this more recently to a lesser degree when I lowered my meds. It was the primary reason for me going back up on my dose. Paranoia and these sort of thoughts.


I’ve noticed a rise of new users post threads 2 years ago. I also noticed mental illness has gotten a popularity within the past 5 years.


I have been baseline for 3 years now but sometimes (not often) I do get residual symptoms but I am well enough to see it as symptoms and not real.


To this day, sometimes I think that random talk is about me. For example, neighbors across the street who sometimes heard me screaming, or worse. When I was delusional, I also searched for hidden signs or messages in random bits of information or media that I encountered.

Suspicions and thoughts that were similar to what you describe were never an overriding obsession in my case. Still it did happen to me. This is something that you just have to ignore and endure.

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