Does anyone know the equivalent dose

I need to know what the equivalent dose is for 400mg abilify depot in tabs.

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I am not sure about that, but when I was planned to go on a depot, I was told the doses work differently as it’s slowly released rather than your body having to metabolise the drug, which makes it more effective than oral meds - so you need less of it to work.


I just looked it up. Apparently a normal tablet dose is 15 20 mg a day. But I don’t think this med is working for me

I went up to the max of 30mg and it just didn’t work out. I am now on just 5mg, after dropping it down over the last few months. Amisulpride seems to be ok so far.

How long have been on it for? Med changes really suck :-/

Like 4 months. What does the amisulpride do for you. I seen someone else taking it with abilify

It’s a weird drug that I have never felt like this before. I still get some mild symptoms breaking through, but it just makes me really calm and mellow and I don’t panic or worry as much as I used too about them - which made things worse.

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Thanks for sharing. The meds that mellow usually help me out more. I just can’t figure out if I need more meds less meds or different ones

Sounds like you have given it a fair go. Have you tried many other AP’s?

EDIT: My local NHS Trust has all the info on drugs here

It’s a pretty detailed site that may help if your thinking you need to switch.

Yeah I was on zyprexa at first. Then Invega. Then I put myself on haldol. And that worked and still does but td sides and inability to loose weight. Now abilify which just has me stressed and constant headaches.

Sorry to hear you have gone through that many, I can sympathise with your situation.

If Amisulpride is available where you are may be worth a go. I know you cannot really give solid med advice based on your own experiences, but we have both not responded well to Abilify…