Does anyone know how much or how frequently skunk weed would cause schizophrenia Who may be at risk anyway?

I’m asking how much, it’s pacifically because I only smoked skunk about five times a perhaps 10 times or so… it wasn’t frequent - in those days I had more solid than anything
Even normal Grass was a bit infrequent
It just wasn’t available in those days to the extent it is now
I smoked cannabis for year and a half almost every day though so that is probably still the reason
But still would have been autistic though

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No one knows. It’s not a definite thing even. Just an “it might contribute” kind of thing.


When I was going into psychosis I couldnt’ touch skunk…it was too weird and uncomfortable.

I was smoking leaf and not getting that high and having problems…It will get you there quicker I’d say…but as to cause probably not… Your just hitting a genetic trigger!

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This is probably the biggest schizophrenia debate…does cannabis cause schizophrenia?

I personally think it can in certain individuals, but some schizophrenics benefit from cannabis use.

It’s really hard to say if it does or not.

I will say this though. If you get paranoid when you smoke weed then that’s a bad thing, because paranoia is a negative thing, whether you have schizophrenia or not. No one wants to feel paranoid.

Om do u still take weed…!!!

What is skunk weed?

I believe pot can make symptoms worse,

And if you get too high, that panic can kick you right into some kind of episode.

However, it seems unlikely, to me, that it can cause schizophrenia.

I’ve smoked everyday for since I was twelve. (except from the ages of 25-28)


I’ve always used it to manage symptoms, with mixed results.

The real problem is I use it as an excuse not to need real medicine when we all know weed is not going to make me less crazy, just less likely to act out and get in trouble.

occasionally. if a friend has some I may smoke…

Omg, I relate! When I stop smoking cannabis, my mind starts racing and I decide to jump on multiple projects and then I start having wild ideas and ambitions and then I can’t stop talking…my former friend once said you know I can tell if you’re off cannabis easier than I can tell if you’re off anti-psychotics because you act super hyper and your eyes look wild if you stop smoking for a while. Cannabis apparently curbs my light manias from sza.

Like, I don’t want to go on a shopping spree with my rent money and then wake up with stuff I don’t need, and a sudden influx of texts, emails, and calls from being uber sociable on one night in particular…I call it getting manic drunk, because even if I’m sober, I wake up and feel hung over like I did a lot of stuff I regretted and if I could do it all over again, I’d just smoke weed and not contact every contact in my phone and spend all my money and run around replanning my entire future in a manic frenzy

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I can tolerate hash kinda (not had it in 5 years though). Skunk gives me the noids.

If you smoke it regularly before your brain is mature - perhaps late 20s - it actually can change how your brain is wired. Kind of like binge drinking in adolescence. It’s bad news especially for young people, whether or not they later develop sz. However I am talking about regular heavy use, not smoking a joint every few months.

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My ex husband used to sell skunk weed in the bus depot in Omaha in the 70’s to unsuspecting bus travelers. He made a lot of money doing this. He honed his sales skills this way when he was young. He went on to become a crackerjack salesman, in his career, selling high end car advertising, over the internet.

used to smoke a crap-load of hyge and bush…
but i was probably schizo-before that…
obviously i dont think it helps though…