My old pdoc had a sense of humor

I was seeing my pdoc bi weekly at the time. There was an intern in the office with him doing the appointment with him. We were talking medications, right? Well he said “you need klonopin right?” I must have misunderstood him, I thought he meant do I NEED it and I say “oh god yes”… So he writes me a script even though he just gave me one two weeks earlier…I say “no I misunderstood , you just gave me a script”. He gives me it anyways and says “it’s ok, just sell it to your friends if you don’t need it”…lol the intern says “pretend he didn’t say that”. My pdoc says “I’m just kidding! I know Jon would never do anything like that…unlike the rest of the sociopaths and psychopaths I see every day”

I never abused or sold it…but next time I was due for a script I told him I had enough when I could have easily kept keeping extra scripts

But at the moment, right now in history, I have about 200 klonopin pills because sometimes I skip my dose! Never have to worry about running out of that.

The thing about kpins, you can get a refill any time, with naltrexone they’re VERY strict about making you wait til 28 days have passed before you can refill. Even though it’s non narcotic. Lol.


o.O <- my face reading this.

My pdoc refuses to prescribe me benzos

I keep a script on my car, in my apartment, in my parents house, and anywhere else you can imagine I can keep a script! That way I never am away from it. Part of my commitment to sobriety is to never exceed 1.0, or else I’d consider it a relapse, not like I was doing that before anyways…

That’s reasonable. My mom’s best friend is a psychiatrist and gives me scrips for benzos, my anxiety isn’t so bad right now. Aside from the episode I had two days ago, I haven’t had an anxiety attack in months.

That’s wise on the limit, I have that as well, I never go over 2.5.

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Valium right??

I don’t enjoy, never did, a benzo high. Only made me sleep…never got me high, when I did abuse it years ago…

I hear people who don’t have anxiety have easier time using it for recreational use, while people who do, just use it ta feel normal??

The generic, diazepam.

Yeah, I have a little anxiety. My old pdoc prescribed me because of the akathisia I had with zyprexa.

I guess so, a friend of mine was addicted to it and she doesn’t have anxiety. She bought it on the street.

It took me about 6 months to come off of clonaezpam. I’m benzo free now.

I too had a build up of over 100 pills laying around. They’ve all been binned now.

I told my doctor to remove it from my prescription.

They’d served their purpose for me.


When I was on Klonopin I would put one or two extra in my med tray for days when I thought I would have more stress. My pdoc took me off them when I told him I had given a couple of my pills to this girl who was jonesing for heroin.

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What does this mean? What is it’s origin?

Same with me. I keep valium in the house and take some with me when I have to fly somewhere, but it just makes me sleepy.

Forgive me, I’ve just learned how to put more than one quote in a post. I think I’m very clever at the moment :blush:

I’m not sure of the origin. But I’m pretty sure it means “craving” or “wanting”…people often take benzos to help with heroin withdrawals.

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It makes sense, I’m taking valium to help with withdrawals although I’m not using anything as bad as heroin. Thank you for explaining it to me.

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“Jonesing” means addicted to something and craving it bad. It might be an out of date term. I don’t know if anyone uses it any more.

I’m going to start using it and see if I can get other Australians to use it.

That’s a funny story

I used to hoard my Seroquel even though my Pdoc gave my unlimited refills because you never know the end of the world may be on the way.
Ok well maybe I still think that which is why I need it you know.
She won’t give me benzos any more which is well and good because I don’t need them any more, I’m better. See?

But my husband has an evil Doctor that has keep him addicted to Valium for 25 years!!