Does anyone know how desimb is doing at her new job?

I haven’t noticed a post.

My “new job” didn’t work out, so sorry. I guess I"ll not post unless one actually works out from not own. Long story as to why and all that has to do with my son was sick had to go for lung function tests a day I had to be there, also, the schedule was different every week and I couldn’t make my pdoc appointments or therapy appointments without knowing my schedule in advance. IIt is a failure in a way I guess. I have interview Tueesday for something with a regular schedule so maybe that 'll be different. Thanks for asking though.

I don’t want you to stop posting your efforts. Trial and error is the way we grow. You’ll know more, now, about what kind of job to accept. Did you feel good about the work itself? or did you not actually get to any of it?

Not a failure–maybe the timing or job isn`t right yet.

desimb, like I told you on the old forums. I’ve had almost 30 jobs in 30 years. I’ve been fired from at least ten, probably more. I had a job where I just lasted one day! I’ve had about ten jobs that I lasted less than three months. The last job I got fired from I was 48 years old. I had been there three years. Right before that job I had another one that I got fired from; I had been there 8 months. Right before THAT job, I had another job that I got fired from after two months. So I got fired from three jobs in a row when I was in my forties. I’ve been at my current job for 5 years. See my point? So each time I went out and got another one. My secret is that I will take any job that I get offered. I’m not too picky. My jobs buy me gas, cd’s, and food, and cokes at McDonald’s. Good luck if you decide to keep looking for jobs. If you decide NOT to, well, hey. At least you have a college degree, which millions of people can’t claim they have.


Thanks Nick actually you are an inspiration so far as working goes, school is easier for me than a job I guess I am realizing that.