Does anybody play D&D?

I play a few games of it with my friends, but I thought it’d be cool to hear about people’s characters and games from people outside the group! What characters do you play? In what worlds too? :grin:


Always loved playing, never got enough chances in my life. Great hobby


So you mean online D and D or just in a board game? I play online neverwinter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean like normal dnd but I’ve played a little bit of neverwinter! It was lots of fun!


Elf & Human combo…It’s been along time since I have gotten to play D&D old school.

I haven’t played for ages but have the basic 5th edition books. I like reading the rule books as an old dungeon master. Favorite character is the Tank Fighter. Just load up with heavy things and hit things hard. It’s a basic philosophy but everyone needs a basic fighter!

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