Does anyone hear this

■■■■. It’s a high pitch wave signal. Well they’re trying to put me back in the hospital.

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might just be tinnitus :frowning:

That ain’t tinnitus. It’s Godzilla tearing up cell tower with his fat ass


might be coming from a faulty electrical device, (if its not just in your head that is) :slight_smile:

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I have to go out grocery errand there’s cell towers all around.

Sonuvabitch.they better leave me alone.

Probably not that, sometimes generaters make noize, sometimes other things, but its not harmful,

Just try and ignore it, tell yourself ‘its just a stupid electrical thing’ its nothing to worry about!,

If you cant get a grip on it you really should talk to a dr or something

It’ll be alright I’ll just have humor about it.

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that is a very good idea :slight_smile:

I started to hear high pitched ringing when the beings told me they were going to escape my head.

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