Does anyone get jealous of healthy people?


I fight my symptoms everyday, my brain can’t enjoy anything, can’t think clearly.
does anyone get jealous of healthy people?
sr for bad english


I don’t get jealous of healthy people,but I get jealous for a lot a lot of reason,like I am jealous of people who can hold on to a relationship,and I get jealous when I try hard for things and in the end didn’t work out for me,but I continue to work hard…

Like right now I am a virgin,i hope to lose it sooner rather than later,i am now trying no porn,no masturbation in the hope that it can help me at least lose my virginity…I just try to do it…

About jealousy,i think it depends on person,some people with schizophrenia doesn’t get jealous of others,some with schizophrenia get jealous easily,i am the latter


I could feel jealous, but I don’t. I can’t really say it’s my schizophrenia that has held me back from achieving things I want. It’s most likely a combination of factors, not the least of which is a lack of ambition. Why blame others for wanting more than I do or following their aspirations?


I have someone who isn’t healthy jealous of me. I’m an amateur writer, and he can’t read. I’m a lot stronger than he is physically. He has COPC and some kind of terrible lung infection. I heard he has cancer, and it has spread to his liver. He has one of the worst smoker’s coughs I have ever seen. I’m 55, and I am ten days older than him. I would feel more compassion for him if he didn’t try to give me his lung virus. He breaths on me every chance he gets. I think I caught his lung virus. He was smoking, and I was sitting next to him. I inhaled a lot of his smoke. I think I caught his lung virus then.


No, instead I am better than most of them at their own little games and it makes me feel superior because I am “disabled” and yet doing very well in life. Normal people who dont have some story to tell dont mean much to me. Normal people who have been there and done that or had things done to them earn my respect.

But there is a catch- I just see others as equals at best, save for a select few. I am an egoist and I reek of it.

Wave your own flag. To the best of my knowledge, all I ever do is for me, even the acts of kindness and altruistic behaviors serve myself in that they make me feel like I am a better person. If there is no reward, no risk will be taken, that is a principle of human behavior that I believe to be a fact.


not really… 15 ch


I don’t really get jealous, but sometimes I kind of feel bad about my situation, when I especially see a seemingly ‘happy’ or loving coupe together. My relationships in the past were more of the friendship type, sometimes with benefits.
My marriage failed, so I sometimes wish that I was in a healthy relationship with someone from the opposite sex, but then again,I seem to be more stable when not involved with the emotional roller coaster ride that comes a long with a relationship


I don’t get jealous. I just wish I could have peace.


it is not jealousy…it is just a wish to be normal.
take care :alien:


Not many, depends on the person - also true with homeless people. I think darksith is right.