What type of jealousy


Do you feel evil about jealousy,I do but I work hard to combat what I am jealous about and not think too far,so what sort of thing are you jealous about?relationship,finance,body image?


The thing I am mostly jealous about is the ability of working or holding down a job. I was a bit workholic before I got diagnosed. I like the feeling of accomplishing something. That’s the great source of joy. Now my concentration is poor so I can’t focused for long to complete a piece of work. Also quickly I got tired from being focused on something like reading or writing. I was pretty annoyed by this poor concentration problem.


I’m jealous of published writers, because I submitted a book or two to be published and still didn’t get a positive answer yet. And I need the money from writing books.


I am jealous of jealous people…
I am jealous I have nothing to be jealous about…

Blessed be


i don’t get jealous…
take care


Finances mostly because I have little money and have so much I want to buy. Also I’m jealous of people without Schizophrenia…they have it so easy don’t they? No not really, we all have our own problems in life but still not having the noise in your head or seeing a face where no one else sees one would make life a little easier.

I used to get jealous of those skinny people but then I know what it takes to get that way. I have to diet, I have to exercise…maybe even attempt lipo (another thing I can’t afford) and I know I’m to blame for my own body image…after all I was the one who ate all that junk food. I can’t get mad at people for that. I never understood how people could sue places like McDonald’s for making them fat when they decided to “Super-size” their order. It’s not like McDonald’s forced you to do that…it was a decision you made.


I don’t get jealous either


Me neither. Seems like such a waste of energy.