A healthy attitude toward jealousy

Once, I was so jealous of my sister I couldn’t even speak. Now, I don’t dwell on it. I’m moving on, making my own friends who are my own type and don’t compare myself to my sister as if I had to measure up to her achievements. If there were no second place, there would be no such thing as first place.

I’d like a girlfriend to be at least a bit jealous. It shows that they might want to stick around.

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And have the initiative to improve herself? I can go with that. My jealousy was overwhelming.


I get what I call “normie envy” from time to time. Like when I’m having a coffee, watching normal people walk by, I get a bit envious of them.


I have never been jealous of anyone. I like and wish good to everybody. some people only inspire me, so I look up to them and sometimes I wanna be successful like them in my own way. I am very content with what I have.

jealousy is a destructive decease I am not sure if people are born with it or it is taught somehow or in school with friends.

How do you feel when someone is obviously happier than you are?

I wish I could escape my jealousy. Meditation gives me a temporary mood where i feel I can live without it, but I feel like I need to be blind to avoid it.

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I guess I join them in the happiness ? or I feel hurt when they are making fun of me ?
I have never noticed anybody any happier than me I guess.

I don’t give it much thought, don’t worry about stuff like that much, just try to mind my own business, sadly other seldom let you

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I think I know what you mean. I think that might be associated with my mental illness… :confused:

luckily I don’t go outside much. when I do, I have my head down at an angle such that it’s hard for my eyes to determine who’s walking pass me. it helps a little. :disappointed_relieved:

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