Do jealous people get sick when you do well?

As above thoughts?


Are people jealous of you and why?

Cough Cough. Oh no! Pedro must be doing well again!


IDK if people are jealous of me, I don’t care either way

hum hump you need to hump more

this is probably a question for social animals. personally i do my own thing and don’t know anybody to be jealous of me. maybe christians and the moral right hate seeing me succeed.

Okay then.

I would say no to the question.

I don’t think it makes others sick to see me do well.

That seems kind of weird.

I think most people would be happy for me.

If someone is jealous, that’s their problem, not mine.

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I’m 48 years old. I’m perfectly fine without it, thank you.

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Thats like telepathy so a big no.

people who don’t like you

get sick when you do well

its a proven fact

I think that may just be wishful thinking on your part.

No one is sick over your success.



Pedro reads too much crap on the internet


putting words in mouth

its a bad trait in fairness

get over it

you don’t like me

what f do u do?

You believe anything you read lmao

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I am more smarter than u


I think you are very entertaining.

Why exactly are people so jealous of you again?

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First of all, I don’t even want to break down how stupid that sentence is and @Aziz has enjoyed lots of success.

He has an advanced degree and is working on himself.


It’s because of his vast knowledge I think, especially his use of verbage.

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refer back to post 100

there is a hidden crptic message

saying all life will end

but i disagree about it